Executive's Message

Dear Friends,

As Ulupınar Textile, our greatest purpose is to excel in our work and progress together with the people we walk alongside. We take pride in being one of the leading institutions in our country's textile industry and transforming into a global company.

Sharing these achievements with you increases our joy and dedication to our work.

The foundations of our company were laid in 1999 by Mehmet Ali Yaman, a well-versed figure who has experience in the textile sector.

Experience, as in all sectors, holds great importance in the textile industry… And having a management team with professional and technical knowledge is even more crucial for a newly established institution. As Ulupınar Textile, we find peace in creating a stable environment surrounded by people who trust us, while we continue our journey with confidence.

Today, we export to more than 10 countries, including the United Kingdom, Spain, France, and Germany. We produce for Türkiye's largest brands and have offices in the fashion capitals of France, Spain, and the United Kingdom. The foundation of our success lies in our unwavering relationship with our customers and stakeholders, based on trust, among other qualities, and our commitment to mutual growth and value creation.

As Ulupınar Family, we believe that our most significant advantage in the textile industry, which stands at the forefront of the world's most competitive and dynamic industries, is our ability to make swift decisions due to our status as a family business, coupled with our dynamic design and marketing network.

Thus, we can adapt quickly to ever-changing conditions in every country, segment, or field.

We always prioritize customer satisfaction and continue our journey with our design and product development teams that follow trends and demands to offer the best, unique, and high-quality products.

As a company that stays up-to-date and shapes the future, we have established a corporate culture centered on innovation and development.

From fabric and material structure to automation and digitization in production, from sewing techniques to process optimization, we implement innovative projects in every aspect of our business.

We take great pride and joy not only in these innovations but also in having an environment where new ideas are generated and expressed in our production centers.

The days when a company was evaluated solely by its financial strength, production capacity, or economic contribution to a country are long gone.

As Ulupınar Family, we are aware that, at the end of the day, we are responsible not only for the quality of the products that come out of our production centers but also for how these products are manufactured.

We have quickly consolidated our sustainability efforts into a corporate process.

Our sustainability strategies are planned by our corporate team, and our practices are closely monitored with a strong commitment to accountability.

Our resources dedicated to sustainability grow every day, and we expand our team's capacity accordingly.

Besides our own operations, every aspect of our processes, from raw material production to supply and logistics chain, is shaped according to our sustainability strategy.

As Ulupınar Textile, we acknowledge the prestige, trust, and responsibility brought to our management and all our colleagues by our deep-rooted history that spans a quarter of a century.

However, for us, the world is reimagined every day, and with every new workday, we work tirelessly to earn the trust, prestige, and responsibility passed down from yesterday.

With each new workday, we feel the support of all our stakeholders by our side.

We extend our gratitude and offer our respect and affection to all our stakeholders.

Ulupınar Textile

The Executive Board